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Diving into the Depths of All Delights


After seizing an opportunity to visit the wealth of Oxford Central Library yesterday, I am weighed down with riches. I’m halfway through one of the new books already and just about to dive into selected meditations of Thomas Traherne. “Diving into the depths of all delights” is a line from his poem “The Anticipation“. Although offering a quotation as title makes me sound like an expert, that is merely an illusion from hooking an information specialist into the web; my previous exposure to Traherne has largely been through selected references used by Phil Rickman in his Merrily Watkins series of books.

This is not the first time that fiction has piqued an interest in poetry. Dexter’s Morse books led me to the works of AE Housman. With a few minutes left before I need to leave for work, I think it is time to step away from the keyboard into deeper contemplations.

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