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Looking down our drive at the street on a snowy night

Snow Has Arrived

I know that even in other parts of the UK 3cm of snow is not a particularly remarkable amount but that is about what we have had in Oxford since it started last night. Jane and I have been getting our workout this morning, first with a trek through Brasenose Woods and up to the edges of Shotover and then, on our return, I stayed outside and shovelled the drive and side passage clear. Who needs a gym?

The temperature is relative warm and it is definitely melting but it does look set to drop below freezing again overnight. The slush outside could freeze into hard ridges, possibly topped with a further blanket of fresh snow. Unless we have a blizzard, I will be able to get in whether by bike or (if it looks as icy as I fear) yomping in wearing my walking boots but I suspect the office will be quieter than usual tomorrow morning.

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