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Always Read the Question


There were some good entrants to last week’s Digital Photography School contest thread but, as one of the moderators who gets to look through every single photo submitted and cast my votes, I have to say that quite a few people seemed to have made that “schoolboy error” of not reading the question properly.

The subject was Monochrome Colour. It followed three weeks where the theme was a particular colour. This time we allowed participants to pick a hue of their choice but asked that they deliver an image featuring only that colour. Despite explicitly ruling them out of bounds, there were quite a few entries that were simple black and white images (ie. no colour at all) as well as a smattering where there were two or more prominent colours.

Some were lovely images in their own right and might have been serious contenders given a different theme but we had to pass over them in the judging. The lesson is to always make sure you read the question before putting effort into coming up with an answer.

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