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We have been having a South of Oxford weekend. Yesterday we explored the centre of Wallingford, which is one of several attractive country towns in the orbits of Oxford. Today we popped back as we discovered a cobbler who thinks he can put decent soles on a couple of pairs of Jane’s boots. We spotted that the butchers was selling rabbit, which was highly recommended by a lady coming out of the shop but made the mistake of waiting until after we had gone for a snoop round the farmers’ market; returning to the butcher, he was just selling his last remaining rabbit of the day.

It was probably because of this that we decided to pull off to investigate a farm shop at Stadhampton (part of the Crazy Bear concern). They did not have any rabbit either but we did pick up a couple of partridges for a fiver, so that is tomorrow’s dinner sorted out.

We also took a few minutes to watch the animals in their fields: chickens, Gloucester Old Spot pigs, horned sheep and even reindeer and llamas. I didn’t spot either reindeer or llama on the meat counter but now we know where our local llama farm is!

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