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Establishing a New Workflow


I’ve recently got a new laptop. It is running Windows 7 at the moment although it also hosts a couple of virtual Linux boxes and I haven’t quite decided on it’s long-term role. One of the challenges is establishing how to do things that I had established regular routines and workflows for on the Mac (now working as a media server downstairs). In particular, I need to figure out the route to get my photos processed, uploaded to Flickr and backed up. I’m trying Picasa for photo management; on the Mac I had been using Picasa to view my photo archive and iPhoto as the front end of my workflow.

However, there seems to be something about Picasa’s interaction with photos that prevents them uploading smoothly to Flickr. I can’t see any difference but turning Picasa off and resaving allowed the photo to get onto Flickr. More work required; I might be putting Picasa back to work in the archives and finding another input program.

Anywhere, here is one that I did get online:

A small blue tit in a hawthorn tree

Blue Tit in Hawthorn

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