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When I took a look at Twitter and Facebook this morning, I couldn’t miss the news that Steve Jobs, the Apple™ man, has finally succumbed to the pancreatic cancer he had been battling for most of the past decade. You can be rich, famous, a genius and adulated by some to the point of worship and still death can come calling earlier than you might have once expected.

Unlike most of those who died yesterday, Jobs’ death will be noticed round the world and the work he spearheaded, turning Apple from a struggling computer company to a thriving brand at the pinnacle of “cool”, will be remembered in the history books for a long time to come. This will certainly be the test of how much of Apples success was down to its leader and avoids any of the back-seat driving pundits were suggesting when he recently handed the reins to Tim Cook.

Memento mori.

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