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Jane and I went down to the New Theatre in Oxford last night to catch comedian Milton Jones on the last night of his Lion Whisperer tour. I think it is the first time I have been to a live comedy gig and it was a very good introduction. Milton opened the night with a short set posing as his own grandfather, followed by a set from James Acaster (wasn’t really my cup of tea — lots of attempting to draw inspiration from the audience but it all felt a touch awkward and forced to me). The main set though was a tour-de-force.

The most remarkable aspect of the show was Milton’s ability to pick up feeds from the audience and respond with a few quips but then work those themes into his set later on. I don’t know how much is scripted and how much is improvised but those elaborations served to make his whole set feel very much in the moment; the man is definitely a comedy genius.

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