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Gooseberry Juice


Gooseberries hanging on a bush


I took a few gooseberries out of the garden yesterday. They are not quite ripe yet but one had fallen to the ground and a few more were on a branch that was resting on the ground so the chances of those berries ripening unblemished was fairly small. I chopped them and then boiled them with some sugar before depositing in a sterilised jar and thence, once cooled, to the fridge.

After dinner tonight, I was fairly full and did not feel like a full pudding but decided to sample the stored juice. It was a delicious blend of sweet, sour and cool with a chunky texture that proved the perfect follow up to the creamy carbonara-type dish I had served up; suffice it to say, there isn’t any more of that batch of gooseberry juice left but I think I will be making some more.

Another note for the future is that I rinsed out the jar with a small dash of gin; just a little is enough to add a heat sensation to the mixture without boosting the alcohol too high, so that is another twist to consider.

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