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Foolish Folk (1 April 2011)

With today being the first of April, I need to remember to take anything I read on the Internet with an even bigger pinch of salt than normal. Surely that story on Maggi Dawn’s blog about having to pay £15 to visit a cathedral, even as a worshipper, has to be a joke?

Alas, I suspect that is true although hopefully not a lasting measure. Another true story for today is that I’ve got a gig down at the Isis tonight (and you can see my post from last month to confirm that is not just a fevered fragment of the April imagination!).

I am hoping that, as yesterday, a grey start will turn to a more pleasant afternoon since, with the Isis not being accessible by road (river and towpath are the only ways for the public to reach it although I suspect there must be an access road for deliveries), the attractiveness of getting to the venue is driven by the weather. Once inside though, it will either be spring-like or cosy and I am keenly looking forward to the music, which should make the jaunt worthwhile.


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