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Boarded Loft


Loft space with boarded floor

Boarded Loft

Attention to detail shown in the bevelling of a step.

Bevelled Step

At last I have finished my loft boarding project and without putting my foot through the ceiling again. I am jumping the gun a little, as I could do with an extra plank added at each end where the boards fall a little short and I also want to go back and countersink all the screws that didn’t end up flush with the surface to avoid problems when dragging boxes over the surface.

However, the bulk of that work is done and I have started to pay some attention to the details, such as adding a step where the loft hatch comes up and bevelling the edges in that area. There is further insulation to add so I’ve got a few more hours to spend up in the loft but at least I have got over the biggest hurdle.

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