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Vulpine Surprise!


I’ve had a busy weekend, hiring a van and shifting a good chunk more of our stuff from Lewisham up to Oxford. Last night I popped out to the van to get a last few bits and, since I was only going to take a few moments, I left the back door open.

I got a shock when I re-entered the communal hallway and saw a glowing pair of eyes and vulpine mask at the far end! In that short space of time, a fox had decided to take a nose around!

Backing out and using my torch to illuminate that I was safely away from the entrance prompted the fox to make its exit. It sauntered out, cool as anything, and then sat down to groom itself a little way from the entrance, allowing me to return to my den. No harm was done but next time I will be a little more cautious about leaving the back door open.

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