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Twas Almost the Night Before Christmas…


I was enjoying a coffee break with my colleages this morning and was discussing my plan to head down to Oxford’s covered market to pick up some wild boar for my Christmas roast when they had to gently disabuse me of the notion that Christmas Eve was on Thursday this week!

So much for my plan to avoid the early morning crowds by going the day before Christmas Eve! I ended up going down this lunchtime and picking up both some boar and also some good quality pork (in case Jane decides she isn’t keen on the boar). It illustrates how I have not really got myself properly prepared this year, being more taken up with the demands of the new job and living between Lewisham and Oxford.

Therefore, apologies to those who haven’t received the customary home-made card and Christmas missive from us; expect something not to far into the New Year. Meanwhile, I expect that I won’t get round to regular blogging until early January so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

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