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The Howard Peacock Quintet


I got myself out of the flat last night and cycled down to The Bullingdon Arms on Cowley Road for the Tuesday night jazz I’d seen advertised. I was a bit delayed in making my start and just as well; I arrived a little after 9pm, having expected the event to start at 8pm, and found myself as the only person in the back room apart from the band! They were still warming up and the event did not kick off until about 10pm. Everyone else obviously knew that as this was when the crowds started showing up.

It was loud as well. The fact that everything, including the drums, was miked made a bit more sense as more people arrived but, even so, it was louder than I would have mixed it.

At least the music, provided by what I think was the Howard Peacock Quintet, was excellent. I had to leave after about three songs as I wanted not to have a late night, so I probably missed the introductions. I would definitely go again but not until later and not without my earplugs!

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