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I got the computers that had been ordered for me in my new job on Wednesday but there was a minor hitch because their MAC addresses (unique identifiers for their networking hardware) needed to be registered on the network to allow me access. Back at Lewisham Hospital I could have dealt with that kind of thing by wandering down the corridor to chat with the network manager; Oxford University has a somewhat larger IT set up and it wasn’t until towards the end of the afternoon today that I got the message through saying that authorisation had been set up.

I had both machines set up as far as I could so the last part of my day was spent doing all the tuning that requires an internet connection – running software updates, installing essential programs and, of course, thinking about what pictures to use as desktop wallpaper.

I’m looking forward to Monday. Now I’ve got the machines up and running and and better idea of who is who and what is what, I can start to crack on with making a positive contibution to the department. All in all, I have had a good first week to build on.

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