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Why Things Smell


The glue is still setting on my bass and I am going to wait until later today to check the results. Simon Little recommended that I contact Mo Clifton, a local luthier with lots of electric upright experience. I could hear Mo rolling his eyes as I explained the fix I’d done (evostick doesn’t work well with the glues he would use) but he generously gave me some advice on strengthening the repair with a glued dowel rod and it is reassuring to know I’ve got somewhere to go if my skills don’t prove up to the job.

What has that got to do with smell? Nothing at all! However, I saw a fascinating video on the TED site yesterday exploring the theory that smell (like music) is based on vibrations. If you have twenty minutes to spare, take a look at what Luca Turin has to say on the matter.

By the way, I do realise that I’ve crossed images of seeing and hearing a couple of times in this post; that’s what communications technology allows us to do!

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