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Arrrggghhhh!!!!! I got my Stagg electric upright bass out of the case yesterday evening and discovered that Sunday’s arduous journey was also a costly one.

When I got back to Elmers End tram stop, the shoulder strap broke. I thought I’d caught the falling bass before it hit the ground but I must have been wrong. The headstock was completely split at the top and cracked at the bottom. As the headstock anchors the strings and bears the tension, that makes the instrument unplayable!

I have loosened the strings and glued and clamped things back together. As far as I can see, the split doesn’t go to far although it has probably run along and weakened an existing fault in the wood. Now I have to be patient while I give the glue time to set completely. In the meanwhile, I’d better get back to practising on the six string (and double check all the straps on my other cases).

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