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7Days1 - Hue Acuity

As I mentioned yesterday, I am starting on another run of the seven days project. Yes – more self portraits, one a day from today until next Friday.

The original concept was filling the frame, reaching up and touching the top, but that proved difficult to implement. I couldn’t get the camera far enough back to make use of the doorway, which would have given me a guide to pose in but, without the guide, it was hard to judge where to reach to (see the out-takes).

Eventually, I dropped that idea but I did throw in a couple of other concepts that I have been thinking about this week. One was experimenting with high ISO settings. This shot was taken at ISO 1600. In the past, I have rarely gone beyond 400 for self-portraits but that would have meant either a wider aperture and attendant narrow depth of field complications or a slower shutter speed and more chance of me moving mid-shot.

The other was the colour overlay, which I created from a screenshot of an online Colour IQ test. You have to line each column (row on the site) so that it shows a smooth hue graduation from one end of the line to the other. I managed to score 8 (0 is perfect); how about you?

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