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I now own two USB memory sticks. One is a shiny metallic LG stick with 512MB capacity and the other (purchased after the cap got lost from the first) is a tiny 2GB “Slider” stick from Advent. The latter is, to be honest, a bit on the fiddly side to use because of its diminutive size; I bought it because I was amazed at how much memory is packed into such a little space.

I have been keeping them both together because the slider stick is so small I can see it easily being lost or damaged. On Sunday, after using one of them at church, it turns out I put them into my trouser pocket rather than back into my Bible case (where I normally store them for transporting to church). And then I put the trousers to the wash!

Being churned around with soap and hot water probably doesn’t feature in the manufacturers care instructions. Fortunately, after being allowed to dry out, both seem to work perfectly. I will try to avoid a repeat performance though and I need to think about separating them if I can come up with a place for the tiny stick that gives some hope of not losing it!

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