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I enjoyed yesterday’s Elusive Teeth gig at Carshalton Environmental Fair. For our debut performance with the full new line-up we did pretty well, even taking a mid-song break for a “lost child” announcement (just after the bass solo!) in our stride.

I will probably give the recording I made a closer listen today. One thing I couldn’t spot when I scanned through it last night was the dramatic changes I had expected from the recording environment.

In order to speed up set-up times, I had packed all my electronics (Line 6 Bass Pod XT, Zoom H2 recorder and one or two other bits) up in a briefcase, along with all the necessary power supplies. I was able to step on the stage, open the case, plug in a couple of leads and was ready to go (or at least help everyone else get set up). The only problem was that the case-lid fell down a couple of times during the set due to the bouncy stage, which I thought would have some impact on the recording.

I will find out later!

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