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Droughtplug – Successful Siphonation


You may recall me writing about a product called the Droughtplug Recycling Kit, to which I gave a relatively poor review. I did manage to get slightly greater success but then, after that, I had another day when it hardly worked and the plastic plug adaptor showed signs of starting to break.

Earlier this week I was thinking about the problem of getting grey water from the bath out to the garden and did some reading up about siphoning. The idea struck me that if I manually lifted the water from the bath to a higher container in the bathroom, that might give me more success in siphoning it outside. Sure enough, it worked. I tried it this morning, using an old beer brewing vat that hasn’t been used for that purpose for years. Sitting on the toilet seat was still too low but the windowsill was high enough to allow all the water to be siphoned out of the window.

This isn’t as labour saving as being able to siphon directly from the bath but, unless we set up an underground storage tank, is probably as good as it gets. It is certainly easier to use a small bucket to fill the vat and then siphon from the vat outside rather than what we did last summer (filling the vat and then carrying it outside). Of course, the vat does need topping up but there is enough space in between to do things like make a cup of coffee or check my email.

Time to water the garden!

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