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My Favourite Picture, March 2008


Palm Tree Trunk

It is the last day of April and so my choice of a favourite picture from March 2008 (part of my ongoing project to select a favourite monthly photograph) is starting to look overdue. It was almost inevitable that it was going to be one of the pictures I took on our trip to Galicia at the start of March. I took hundreds of shots and part of the delay in picking a favourite for the month was the time it took to work through them (finally completed a couple of weeks ago).

This image stood out for two reasons. Firstly, it works well as a desktop wallpaper. I rotated, cropped and resized it for this purpose as well as doing some work to bring out the colour and detail on this view of a palm tree trunk. It has been the background on my main computer at work ever since.

Secondly, it is a picture that I almost didn’t take. It was only Jane’s insistence that it was a brilliant pattern that caused me to capture the image as we trudged up into A Coruña, wondering if we would ever reach the city centre described in our guidebook (which had not made it clear that this was a couple of miles from the train station!). I am very pleased with many of the pictures I have taken in recent years but this palm tree reminds me that, for each one, there are thousands more that I have missed!

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