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Galicia in Pictures


Santiago de Compostela cathedral

In early March, Jane and I spent a week in Galicia in Northern Spain. We stayed in an apartment in Santiago de Compostela (which we know a little from our trips on the Camino de Santiago) and also ventured out on trips to Lugo (where the city centre is still encircled by a complete Roman wall) and A Coruña (a port city to the north of the region).

Our trip included music and food, some practise for our Spanish and lots and lots of photographs. In fact, I took so many pictures that I have only just finished sorting through them, keeping enough to remind us of our trip but discarding many of the near misses and close duplicates.

What has slowed me down is that, on many of the pictures, I have seen opportunities for applying some development in the digital darkroom (mainly using The Gimp); however, that means that I am now sharing a set that I am largely very happy with.

Don’t forget that, because the pictures are hosted on Flickr, you can also jump straight to viewing details (showing larger preview images along with titles and descriptions), a slideshow or even view all the images posted on a map.

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