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Flickr Video – what is there to complain about?


Flickr has recently introduced a new feature – video. As has become de rigueur in the Flickr community, there has been a huge backlash of complaint and grumbling. Flickr is for photos! Flickr isn’t YouTube! This is the ruination of Flickr!

I cannot quite fathom it myself. The “video” is limited to 90 seconds and explicitly requires that it is user-generated. That will allow people to share the short videos that can be taken with many digital cameras but doesn’t give an opening for Flickr to become the repository of ripped music videos that YouTube has become. Where is the problem with that?

I am not the only one who is not fazed by the news (for example, see Elegantly Wasted) but I remain rather bemused by the level of negative reaction. Ah well – it will pass. I hope so as I have just renewed my Pro account there!

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