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Hounded by the Paparazzi


Chased by Paparazzi

Like last week, I have combined this week’s fiftytwo shot with an entry for the current assignment on the Digital Photography School forum, “News Photography“.

I hit on the idea of creating the kind of shot the paparazzi must often end up with of the celebrities they chase. My camera was set up on its tripod leaving me to play the role of the rock star in my black leather jacket. I took a number of shots and this was the most successful.

One of the elements was the use of flash, creating the harsh glare and shadows often seen on this type of image. Although most modern paparazzi probably use digital cameras now and take colour pictures, I decided that a grainy black and white image would fit the mood I wanted better (and also disguise my bright yellow living room wall!).

So, there you have it – my (posed) brush with stardom for week 30 of my project.

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