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When I first started using Googlemail I assiduouslychecked the spam folder once or twice per day and deleted all thejunk, keeping things neat and tidy and burning up some more time.

After a month or two I realised two things. First, I hardly eversaw a false positive (a message that shouldn’t have been in there).Second, although the storage space wasn’t infinite, it was increasingall the time and I had plenty of headroom. Therefore, I stoppeddeleting spam messages and left them to be automatically deleted aftera month. If I got word that a message had gone missing, that wouldgive me a month’s grace to look.

The number of spam messages climbed to over 1,000 and then stayedconstant for some time. However, I have just noticed that it hasdecreased now to about 650 messages. Does that mean that, somewhereout there on the Internet, the war against spam is slowly beingwon?

It is a nice thought although I will hold my judgement for just alittle while longer!

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