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My Favourite Picture – December 2007


Sunrise over Dartmoor

I was running behind on picking my favourite picture for December 2007. It was a busy month when I took a lot of pictures and also had plenty of other things going on, so it took a long time to finish working through the images deciding which ones to keep before I could even begin to create a shortlist to pick my favourite.

The photo I chose was a sunrise over Dartmoor taken during my Christmas break. The end of December is a good time to take sunrise pictures because you can leave getting up a little bit later. Of course, the weather is often not in your favour but there were a couple of mornings when the transition from night to day was not shrouded by the clouds. Instead the clouds and sky became the canvas on which dawn painted its glory.

As with November’s shot of the bee, the image I selected was shot using RAW mode. This did allow me to bring out the subtleties of the colour which was sometimes lost in the JPEG only shots (struggling to expose for the dark foreground and the glowing sun); on the other hand, the extra time involved in post-processing was part of the reason it has taken so long to make my selection.

I am now set up to make my pick of 2007 – watch for that in the next week or two.

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