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This morning, I have published the first of my holiday snaps on my Flickr account.

The first shots are various views of a wheat field between Little Longstone and Monsal Head, near where we were staying in the Peak District. We had followed a footpath into the field hoping to join up with another route that ran along a former railway. However, the latter was in a deep cutting and we could not find a point of ingress.

Our options were to explore further round the edge of the fields, take a much longer circular route or to backtrack and choose an alternative path home. We decided on the third option but first spent a few minutes taking pictures of the ripening wheat, meaning that our detour was not wasted.

Only another two hundred or so pictures to go, although I suspect I will abandon more of them before the process is done (initial sifting while on holiday has already removed many shots), and that is not counting more than a hundred further pictures taken on a day trip we did to RHS Harlow Carr near Harrogate. I think I will be spending a lot of time on Flickr over the next few days!

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