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My Jazz Influences – The Adrian Astor Quintet


Finally, in my series on influences, I should give credit to the rest of The Adrian Astor Quintet. I think the biggest influence on how I have developed as a bassist over the years has been the other musicians I have had the privilege to play with.

The rest of the guys in the band (and the inimitable Jackie Fox, who sometimes guests with us on vocals for a few numbers) are undoubtedly the major influence on the kind of jazz sounds I have been making recently.

They aren’t folks who have shaped the popular understanding of jazz and you can’t go out and buy their records, but they are the ones who shape what I play as I listen, respond and support the rest of the group. So, if you want to hear my influences, you will have to come and hear us play! (or check out the tunes on the MySpace site above).

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