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My Jazz Influences – David Friesen


David Friesen is an American double bass player. I have a grand total of two of his albums (out of a significantly larger output). Why, then, do I count him as an influence?

It is because of a small music clinic I attended back in 2001. There were only about four people who showed up to hear David talk but the evening has stuck in my mind. You can read what I wrote at the time elsewhere on my site but there was one thought I have kept in mind ever since – remember to take your jazz vitamins.

I didn’t even write it down at the time but I haven’t forgotten it. Especially when I have opportunities to play jazz, I remember this advice and try to include a good measure of classic jazz in my listening diet. That makes me more able to hear the good notes to aim for when creating my bass lines; that is taking my jazz vitamins.

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