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(Late) Spring Cleaning


This morning I was flicking through the categories on the blog to see what areas I have neglected for a while. Spain was languishing at the back although I have finally finished reading El misterio de la casa abandonada, a complete Spanish novel that I have followed from beginning to end (and held onto at least the outline of the plot), so I might have something on that topic shortly.

The second most neglected category was images. That was a default directory in my blogging software (Blosxom) intended not for posts but for graphics to support the site. Since I have been using a camera as my primary image making tool, I later created a new category called photography; most of the images posts fit neatly under there so I have now moved them across.

How does this affect you? If reading via an RSS aggregation service, such as Bloglines, you may get all the old postings showing up as fresh in the new category but, unless you were particularly interested in following only items in the images category, it will not make any other difference. Permanent links to articles are based on date and title, not category. It simply means a little less clutter of closely overlapping content areas; nothing more than a little spring cleaning.

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