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I keep abreast of a large number of blogs using the free online service provided by Bloglines. For a long time I have limited myself to one hundred feeds, which are visible on my Blogroll.

However, inspired by last week’s august gathering of Lewisham bloggers, I have decided to extend that number to include a collection of local writers – all of those I met last week (for whom I could find an RSS feed) and one or two of their links that caught my eye. Here is the list at present:

If you are reading this and I missed this off, then give my comments system a try (or use the email address down at the end of the site and make your message look very unspammish!) and I will gladly add you on. Blog reading is a great way for me to get regular reading on topics that interest me but it is also about people and I am keen to listen to what my local peers are saying.

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