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The picture which I used to invite comments on Thursday’s posting about online anonymity was of a peach tree blossoming under a protective cover at RHS Rosemoor in Devon. It was taken last April using my point and shoot camera, a Fujifilm FinePix 1400 Zoom, and reminded me that I took a similar shot in March this year using my new Nikon D40.

Here are the two pictures, side by side:

Peach BlossomPeach Blossom

The one on the right is from the new camera and I think the improvement in picture quality is unmistakable. Among other things, having control over the lens allowed me to choose a setting that gives an increased sense of perspective. A better camera can, undoubtedly, allow better pictures.

I am grateful for the FinePix, which got me hooked on digital photography over several years of usage and I am equally grateful for the new camera, which is helping me see even the same old things in a new light.

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