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Last night’s ‘Teeth rehearsal was in two parts; firstly running through the songs we have in mind for our appearance at next Sunday’s Strings for Cuba benefit gig and then recording another of our songs.

We knew from experience that skipping over songs and assuming we had them well in our grasp could be a mistake but some of the tracks are quite long and we have played them many, many times before. Our cunning solution? Play them at twice the speed!

We did this with a couple of the tracks, pushing the tempo much faster than normal. Perhaps I should reserve judgement about the efficacy of this technique until after the gig but, unreservedly, I can affirm that it was a lot of fun. Riding that fast round the corners focuses the mind, shows whether you really know the song and, although those things sound very serious, was also completely exhilarating!

Practising things really slowly in order to get them exactly right is important but now I know there is also a time for playing them insanely fast.

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