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e:vent – A Better Life


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The theme of last night’s e:vent youth service was “A Better Life”. It ran very smoothly and featured a drama from the house team, worship led by a band from Wilmington Christian Fellowship and sketchboarding from Steve Gurnett of OAC-Streetwise.

Steve used a large board as a backdrop to retelling the story of Ruth (a small book, tucked away early in the Bible). As he went, he painted details onto the prepared background; for all that the 21st Century allows all sorts of whizzy things to be done with computers and data projectors, there is still something very captivating about the skill of physically painting the story as it unfolds.

I took a number of pictures that will show you the story unfolding among the set of thirty images I have uploaded to my Flickr account. My personal favourite is the one shown to the right; low light and some deliberate camera movement have given a result that will not be to everyone’s taste but I like the way it moves from “photographic reality” to “abstract impression”.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

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