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Freecycle Frustrations


Over the last year or so, I have posted several times about the Freecycle concept; using the Internet to tell people about junk you want to get rid of and seeing if it is of use to anybody else.

Generally, I have found this an excellent experience and have both given and received via this network. However, I have recently had the frustration of two people not following through on interest expressed a barely-used tin of paint I advertised.

Hopefully the next person will prove more reliable (and I have a couple more waiting after that). To my fellow Freecyclers though, I would urge that you make every effort to honour the arrangements you make. It is inconvenient to wait in and have no-one show up; I have had enough success with the system that I am inclined to persist but the next person you flake out on might be trying the idea for the first time and decide to never come back.

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