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Musical Weekend


I have a musical weekend to look forward – one outing tonight and then two on Sunday.

This evening, I’m doing the jazz bass thing with The Adrian Astor Quintet. It is a private event for members at the David Lloyd sports club over at Raynes Park so I can’t invite you all along although, if you live round there and fancy a bit more exercise, I am sure the hosts would be glad to hear from you.

You are very welcome to come along on Sunday morning, when I am leading worship at Hither Green Baptist Church. Probably because of all this jazz I have been playing with the quintet recently, the set is lined up to have more than its fair share of major sevenths and other twists that show similar influences.

Finally, the ‘Teeth have had a short notice call to fill in as the headline act at The FaB Club at a pub in Greys, Essex on Sunday afternoon. Again, you are welcome to come up and see me (and there is another chance to see the ‘Teeth down in Croydon next Friday as well).

Boogie on!

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