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Following my posting about Flixster, a couple of friends have now signed up: hats off to Tim (remember you’ve got a blog?) and Magnus.

Both have taken the Movie Compatibility Test and added some films to their profiles and so I can now visit the section of the site that has been christened “Kevin & Julia’s Movie Night Planning Tool”. Tim hasn’t got any of the same movies marked “want to see it” as I do, so it doesn’t help much there. On the other hand, Magnus has plenty; it is a shame he is all the way up in Bangor while I am down in London.

Like many of these tools, its value increases by aggregation: the more information you and your friends have in there, the more interesting it becomes. I also wonder if, somewhere down the line, they will add an option to set up a virtual film night, where you can watch films online together wherever your friends may live?

Anyway, although I have found a few holes in the information (for example, the filmography for Andy “Gollum” Serkis doesn’t yet mention the Lord of the Rings trilogy!) I think I will continue to keep an eye on the site.

More friends are still welcome for Billy Some-Mates though!

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