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Billy No-Mates Goes to the Movies


Yesterday I was playing around with yet another social networking service. This one is called Flixster and is built around an interest in films.

I am interested in it as a way of picking up an idea of what movies might interest me, based on my views of the films I have seen in the past. The interface to the site is very slick and I have already managed to notch up 127 film ratings including 12 reviews. No, wait, I have just taken that up to 129 ratings!

To be fair, those reviews are one-liners and the process of rating a film can be done with just a click or two of the mouse. All I really need now are some “friends” on the system to explore the social aspect of networking the data.

If you like movies, then take a look at my Flixster profile and have a think about signing up and joining me in exploring the site.

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