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The group I was addressed last Friday, when I delivered the presentation I am writing up for this series, was made up of NHS staff from around London whose common denominator was having responsibility for websites. Some work on the communications aspects, considering the content and messages being conveyed. Others are more concerned with the details of how all fits together under the hood and translating those concepts into accessible and effective sites.

We all benefit from the mutual support we can offer each other. We have three or four face-to-face meetings a year, which are excellent opportunities to get to know one another and spark ideas, but that is supported by ongoing access to online meeting places.

The principal among those is a website that provides a “virtual webteam” across the UK (although you can only access it from within the NHS); this is more old-school than web 2.0 in the sense I have defined the terms but provides the kind of online community with real-world benefits that gets me so excited about the whole concept of social networking.

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