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My Favourite Picture – September 2006


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It is a bit dull and a bit blurry, so why is this my favourite picture from September 2006?

Part of the answer is that I like that set of colours. They are not as eye-popping as the yellow flower I picked for August but subtlety can also be good.

I also like the dynamism of the image: the diagonal arrangement of some of the forms and lines and the motion blur in the top left. In particular, I like a picture that combines blurred elements and some sharper components rather than just having one or the other.

However, it was boosted to the winning position for me because of the significance of the photo. I was trying to capture a cat using the macro mode of my point and shoot camera. However, he jumped and, as you can see, I missed. While not the same class of happy accident as, for example, Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, it made me realise that I could get more out of the camera by using macro mode to force a wider aperture and then taking pictures of things further away or adding deliberate movement to take advantage of the longer shutter speed. That led to my Macro Abuse set on Flickr and more deliberate experimentation.

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