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RRRight, Let’s Save the Planet (part 2)


Did I manage to inspire you with yesterday’s post about recycling? There is a better way than recycling (which can require a lot of energy to reform old products into new ones) and that is to reuse them.

That is really what the freecycle concept is about; rather than throwing things away, you give them to someone else who can use them. I suppose freeuse did not sound like such an appealing name!

The average Christmas celebration, at least in the UK and similar countries, presents plenty of opportunities for reuse. For example, many of the greeting cards you were sent can have the pictures cut up to be reused as gift labels next Christmas. Gift bags and perhaps some of the wrapping paper can be set aside for future presents. If you don’t leave it sitting too long, you can even take the bones of the turkey carcass and make a delicious stock that will enhance a future meal.

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