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Various – Sistas in the Spirit


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Sistas in the Spirit

Various (Integrity Gospel)

Reviewed for Worship Released by Wulf Forrester-Barker on 19 December 2006

Rating: 4 / 5 (great album in this genre)

The Review

As a bassist with pretensions of groove, how can I not love this album? From burbling bass to stabbing horns, lush choral harmonies and soaring leads, this has got all the richness you would expect from a compilation of top flight gospel music. It blesses my heart that such awesome music has been dedicated to the praise of God, hallelujah!

There is a caveat though. I get the feeling that some of these people spend more time on music practise than they do on Bible study as there some questionable theology in the lyrics, including some sections that I would classify as downright egregious.

For example, He’ll Give You Everything looks okay when you read the lyrics in the liner notes (Php 4:19: “My God shall supply all my needs…” – check). However, when Dottie Peoples gets to improvising, she starts to promise “He’ll give you a brand new house, a brand new car”. Get in line, sista! We’ve got brothers and sisters who are starving and persecuted and dying – your bling-bling can wait.

So, musically a great album but one that perhaps draws more on the culture of gospel music rather than the Spirit of truth from time to time. Listen to it, enjoy it but I’d suggest that you be careful about letting it be too much of a theological influence on you.

Standout Tracks

Glorious – The album’s latino-gospel track serves up the kind of music that defies you to sit still (and encourages you to lift up praise to God).

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