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As an easy option today, I’m going to play with the meme picked up from Hugo’s blog. All I have to do is take the first sentence of my first blog post from each month of the year and work them together. Let’s see:

On Friday, Jane and I trawled round Bromley and, among other things, a visit to the Virgin Megastore saw us coming away with several videos from their sale. I was tired last night after driving back home from a trip to Lincoln so Jane and I sat and watched an episode of Firefly. I love trying new things; exploring, testing and understanding new ideas. I’m still using Rojo as my online feedreader.

May is a good month for Bank Holidays and today we’re enjoying the first of them. In my Bible reading yesterday (still keeping up with the One Year Bible Blog), my eye was caught by Proverbs 16:12. I posted yesterday about what I was trying to do with a cell group worship session but didn’t give my solution! I’ve been making more progress with my pictures from last week’s pilgrimage down el Camino de Santiago and the set of pictures on my Flickr account is beginning to grow (although there are still a lot more to come).

Last night saw another of the Upstairs open mics hosted by my band, The Elusive Teeth. Last night Jane and I went to see Children of Men over at Peckham, so I am going to take a short break from my current web scripting series and share my thoughts. 1 November is our “heating day”. Here we are, finally at the start of December and the final stretch of the year.

The composite result doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it’s fascinating to skim back and pick up a flavour of the different things I’ve been doing and thinking about. Was it really only January this year that I first saw Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me? It must have been but I would have pegged it as the year before. If nothing else, it shows it has been another packed year!

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