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On Thursday night, I came home, reached into my pocket to get my keys and noticed that something wasn’t quite right. I had my house keys but my car keys had disappeared! I was just popping back from a meeting and printing something off so, while the computer was firing up, I scoured the likely locations in the house with no joy; walking back to the meeting and also returning home later, my eyes were darting over the ground in case my keys had dropped out somewhere but, again, no joy.

Even with Jane joining in the search we still didn’t find them at home and so I took a walk back round my route the following morning; still no keys (although I did get some interesting photos and my choice of songs for church on Sunday morning finally slotted into place).

Finally, they were found where I must have left them on Wednesday evening, sitting in the kitchen at church (I was locking up after worship group and maybe got distracted between setting the alarm and getting out of the door with all my gear). It was a weight off my mind to have the keys back and there was, indeed, a good measure of rejoicing. However, looking at the positive things I had achieved while looking for the keys, I was reminded that that good things can come through finding ourselves in bad circumstances.

That just happens to be the theme of the e:vent youth service I am helping with (and which has been set for ages): “I love it when a plan doesn’t come together!”.

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