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“Thou shall post every day” is the most fundamental and most well known principle of blogging….

… says Eric Kintz before going on to give ten reasons why he doesn’t think that applies any more. As somebody who generally manages to make a daily post, I’m not entirely convinced.

Kintz is a marketing professional and primarily writing to people who seek to “monetize” their blogs either for personal gain or to promote their company. I’m writing as a personal discipline, primarily for an audience of family and friends. I try not to drag my postings out too long but I do like to post something every day. That gives them a clue that I’m alive and well without relying on emails and phone calls going backwards and forward.

Since I’ve generally got something new I want to say every day, I’m going to stick with a general routine of daily posting although, if I drop off the radar for a week here or there, it could just mean that I’m outside enjoying the good weather!

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