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Election Results


The overall results are in: Lewisham’s Labour mayor is back for a second term but Labour has lost overall control of the council (although keeping a slender majority). I’m hoping that more detailed figures will be available today. I’m particularly interested in the breakdown of the mayoral fight (was there any resemblance to the poll I posted about yesterday?) and the overall turnout.

From what I can glean on the BBC website, the Green Party took six council places here (an increase of five). Hopefully that will mean that the overall shape of council policy will bear an even stronger note of environmental care. Looking at the overall picture I think that (at the time of writing) there are only about 20 Green councillors nationwide, setting Lewisham up to be one of the greenest-led boroughs in the country!

Unrelated to the local elections but another gleaning from this morning is a story that there are some people in the US promoting the idea of all the Christians moving to South Carolina then seceding from the Union to become a sovereign Christian state. Hmmnnn… although in theory that ought to a beacon of brotherly love, I suspect Brother Maynard is right in his conclusion that, were the plans to move ahead, it might be the first (former) state to have its own civil war! A hung council is probably going to more harmonious!

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