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Local Elections – Today!


Link to Hither Green Website

It’s 4 May and time for local elections up and down the UK. Our local website, http://www.hither-green.co.uk/, has been hosting an opinion poll and the results are shown above. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the real results, as Lewisham has been controlled by Labour for a long time but the Liberal Democrats do offer a strong alternative.

One of the candidates, James Cleverly, has actually been participating in the related Hither Green discussion forum himself. He’s also a keen blogger. If he wins, he’s promised to maintain his involvement but, whatever the result, I hope we’ll continue to see him (and his political peers from other parties) making good use of the Internet as a way of engaging with local people and really living up to the care and concern they all promised in their election material.

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