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Having posted optimistically about Bank Holidays yesterday morning, the day turned out to be a little less leisurely than I’d hoped! When we went out in the garden we noticed that the roof felt on one of our sheds had come loose.

Once I’d established that the roof could support my weight, allowing me to lean across, a quick repair was fairly easy to apply. However, taking a close-up look, it became obvious that the felt wasn’t in a good state, with some sections worn so thin by the elements that the wood underneath was exposed.

That meant a trip to the DIY store and then an afternoon removing the old felt and applying the new. I’m hopeful that the next few months will prove that we did a good job but it took a long time! Still, being out in the garden did give me some chances to enjoy it as well as working on maintaining the environment, and I did manage to take some photos (click on the picture of our “Honesty” for more) and plant a row of beetroot.

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