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As if I wasn’t already busy enough in my job as webmaster at The Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust, I’ve recently taken on further duties as part of a team providing administrative support to the Trust Board. My hope is that this will provide me with with improved insight into the wider workings of the Trust; as an ancillary benefit I also hope that, when the leaders who sit round the table think “website” they’ll do so in a positive light and know exactly who to come and talk to.

Yesterday afternoon was the first Board meeting I’ve attended, although I was involved in collating and distributing the papers beforehand. I was taking minutes: that was more of a challenge than I expected! For some time now, I’ve taken minutes at various meetings connected with my church, which generally seem quite straightforward. I suppose I know the people and understand the subject matter and vocabulary. Yesterday, I found it a struggle to keep up with PbRs and RABs but we’ll see how my notes look after colleagues have helped knock them into shape; I imagine that it will become more familiar over time.

The next Board meeting is at 8am on Wednesday 24 May, although there will be plenty of work for the admin support team to do before that. It is a public meeting and it would be great to have more members of the public attending – details of Board meetings are on the Trust’s website.

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