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Flamenco Dancer

Jane and I went to see a free film screening at Instituto Cervantes in London last night. It was a biography of Cristina Hoyos, one of the the worlds leading flamenco dancers, and was introduced by Cristina herself.

I can’t say that we understood very much of the introduction and, even in the film, we were mainly relying on the pictures. However, we’re looking forward to our forthcoming trip to Seville and hope to catch some live flamenco in it’s native setting!

Also, it was encouraging that we at least understood some words and could get the general meaning even of some potions of the introduction. While we may never get to the fluency of rattling off machinegun-fast syllables, we’re definitely making progress in our language learning. We should at least be able to order food and drink and so forth when we get to Spain!

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